Recent OFSTED comments
  • The childminder creates a welcoming learning environment where children settle in well and make warm relationships with one another. This results in children feeling happy, safe and secure.
  • The quality of teaching is good. The childminder and assistant ask open-ended questions, which encourages children's thinking and communication skills. As a result, children make good progress in their learning and development.
  • Partnerships with parents are good. The childminder actively involves parents from the start and values their input. This enables the childminder to provide care that mirrors that which children receive at home, providing a safe and secure environment for them.
  • The childminder and her assistant demonstrate a strong drive to review and improve their practice. Consequently, the childminder provides good quality provision, which reflects the needs and interest of all children.
  • Safeguarding procedures are effective and the childminder is clear about her role and responsibilities. This ensures children are protected and kept safe from harm.

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